Delivering powerful solutions to increase efficiency, market share and profitability for our clients.



Staying ahead and driving profitability in competitive and uncertain times requires having the right people doing the right things supported by the right technology:




In essence the service that Positive Sales provides is to lend our extensive expertise in these three critically important areas to the businesses and organisations that we serve. This empowers our customers with the tools, technology and talent to achieve their goals.

  Strategy Development and Execution

Providing expert consultancy we enable our customers to formulate and execute a clear, well informed and effective strategy based on powerful insights that drive performance

With over three decades of cross-sector experience, in founding, growing and transforming businesses, Positive Sales provides a powerful combination of commercial experience and links with leading Universities. This empowers Positive Sales with the vision, tools and talent to drive radical performance improvements for the businesses and organisations that we serve.

  • Sales process design
  • Recruitment and onboarding
  • External market evaluation
  • Productivity improvement
  • Planning and implementation
  • Change management and evaluation

   Developing Salespeople to Deliver results


Positive Sales provides sales training that is externally accredited by the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (ISMM), providing a continual professional development (CPD) opportunity.

Trained and qualified salespeople:

  • Work smarter with greater productivity
  • Sell better and produce results
  • Stay longer when employers invest in their professional development.

Our training provision is flexible and can be delivered around the needs of your team and business.


    Our ISMM accredited sales training equips salespeople with the tools, techniques and confidence deliver outstanding results.


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      Sales Technology Solutions and Advice

    Decades of experience creating sales technology solutions equips Positive Sales to provide expertise that you can rely on to thoroughly assess your needs and provide clear, concise advice and solutions.

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    We are happy to help you fine tune your currently set-up or help you to design and implement a completely new system. Whichever you chose, you can be assured that using our services will help you increase your sales and save you money.

    • Call Centre – design, build and implementation
    • Telemarketing & outbound dialling systems
    • Email and SMS marketing platforms
    • CRM and workflow
    • Lead Nurturing and Web Forensics packages
    • Multi-channel call and contact centre software
    • Web Meetings and Video Conferencing

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    Positive Sales: Unlocking success for our customers

    Experience has shown us that the right:

      Strategy + 

      People + 


    = Success and Profitability

    Positive Sales provides a truly unique breadth and depth of experience through sales solutions, training and consultancy to deliver outstanding value for our customers.

    Whether developing your sales team, processes or technology or seeking business transformation Positive Sales can provide the solution to achieve your business’s aspirations.

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    “Combining strategic vision with extreme motivation. Working on a project, or sharing any professional challenge together was always full of creativity, innovation and cooperative teamwork. I highly recommend Positive Sales for strategy as a business partner.” – Scott Weedon, Director, Medhurst Communications.



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