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With experience within the team stretching back over thirty years across sales, marketing and sales management, Positive Sales really knows the sales industry.

Our team count amongst their achievements developing, launching and marketing successful products; international channel sales management; founding, growing and selling successful businesses; onboarding, building teams and training.


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These many decades of cross-sector experience, growing, transforming and improving results for teams and businesses, enable Positive Sales to provide an expert perspective to make achieving our customer’s business aspirations a reality.


Experience is quite simply invaluable. However, with advancing technology rapidly driving change in business and consumer markets, having a finger on the pulse and a forward looking perspective is equally so. 

Through links with business schools within leading universities Positive Sales stays at the forefront of recent sales and market studies, forecasts, trends and insights.

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This enables Positive Sales to bring the very latest, informed solutions that drive profitability, growth and market share.

Accreditation with the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management ensures that the sales training we deliver is in-line with current industry best practice from the UK’s leading professional sales body.

Our team of seasoned professionals draw from decades of commercial experience in:

  • the private sector
  • the public sector
  • business to business markets
  • business to customer markets


Positive Sales provides a truly unique blend of real-world, hard-earned experience in:

  • Sales management,
  • Sales training
  • Sales technology
  • Business growth and transformation.

How we work with customers

Positive Sales works with our customers, as part of their team, whilst bringing the benefit of a fresh perspective.

It can be challenging process where the status quo is questioned.  When a business is attached to doing things simply because ‘that’s how things have always been done’, this is ‘called out’ to allow in fresh thinking and new processes to develop to really drive home performance improvements.  


This is how Positive Sales, as an experienced yet forward thinking ‘outsider-looking-in’ delivers powerful insights and strategy for growth.

We help our customers break through the glass ceiling to the next level of success, be that growth, increased profitability, efficiency or managing business transformation.


“One of the very best in the business. Combining sales and operational experience by leading from the front with pragmatic actions and by showing staff that the impossible is possible. “

– Scott Weedon, Director, Medhurst IT



How great solutions get started:

Simply get in touch to schedule a complimentary 45-minute consultation, at your convenience, to find out more about how Positive Sales can deliver the results your business wants. 

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