With decades of cross-sector experience Positive Sales consultancy provides an expert perspective to make achieving your business goals a reality.

  Strategy Development and Execution

Positive Sales’ expert consultancy empowers our customers to formulate and execute a clear, well informed and effective strategy to drive powerful performance improvements.

By working with our customers as a key member of their team, Positive Sales consultants identify and activate the changes needed to achieve the business excellence our customers seek.

Driving radical performance improvements for the businesses and organisations that we serve


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Positive Sales’ cross-sector experience, in founding, growing and transforming businesses, combines powerfully with vision, tools and talent to deliver performance improvements.

  • Business growth
  • Increase market share
  • Penetration of new markets
  • New product offering
  • Efficiency improvement
  • Transformation
  • Increased Profitability

Our expert Consultants have decades of proven success in commercial business operations, whether as successful business founders, Managing Directors, change experts or C-level professionals. 

Our Consultant’s expertise spans:

  • Business transformation from SME to mid-market
  • Strategy, planning, implementation and change management
  • Market research, competitor analysis and marketing strategy
  • Identification of efficiency bottle necks, trouble shooting and solution execution
  • Efficiency studies and improvement strategy
  • Process and business management improvements
  • Restructuring including recruiting & onboarding management
  • Outsourcing (onshore/offshore resources)
  • New product development
  • Entering new markets
  • Project Management

How we work with our clients


The working relationship between client and consultant is central to delivering effective consultancy and results.

By working with our customers, as a key member of their team, Positive Sales consultants identify and activate the changes needed to achieve the business excellence our customers seek.


A thorough evaluation process underpins the success that we achieve for our customers. Forming a deep and clear understanding of the unique dynamic of a business; its people, processes, product and market and most importantly its goals and aspirations, underpins success.

By understanding our customer’s present situation, resources, strengths and challenges the route to achieving the businesses aspirations can be plotted.


Our consultants are inspirational, candid and poses evaluation and communication skills that cut through to the essence of our customer’s situation and clearly articulate what is needed to deliver results.

By spending time with stakeholders listening, posing challenging questions, and probing processes and results we develop a precise understanding of your business objectives and unpack the route to the results you desire.


The consultancy service we provide is transparent, accountable, and highly committed. We are with our customers all the way through planning, execution and evaluation.

No unpleasant surprises. Just frank speak and assessments based on evidence and data.


Providing a clear scope of the requirements ensures that the solution delivered achieves the specific and measurable objectives agreed upon.

    • Tools and resources,
    • Expertise
    • processes
    • timeframe
    • budget


Once resources, objectives and time frames are agreed to achieve the business goal, the roadmap and framework to deliver the results is activated. A process of setting metrics, relevant indicators to ensure the project stays on track whilst holding to account all parties’ agreed actions and timeframes.

This ensures that the consultancy services we provide deliver the measurable results agreed upon.

“Positive Sales helped us develop our business and redefine our model. Due to the help from Positive Sale we’ve launched our recruitment business and are providing value to our growing client list”
Xavier Parkhouse-Parker, MD PLATO Solutions Limited.


By finding out more about your business aspirations we can explain how we would approach the challenge and deliver a solution that will drive performance and profitability.  

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