Recommended Resources for salespeople, management and business owners.


General Management 

Practice makes perfect. Everyday business skills like problem solving and project management deserve to be honed from time to time. In this section we list a few books that we find help build a general all-round business experience.

Teach Yourself to Think

In business, thinking about problems and decision making can become second nature. This book challenges the reader to take time to understand how the process of thinking works.  Edward de Bono believes that thinking itself is a skill and one that can be practiced and developed.  We like this book because it provides a simple process that anyone can follow to improve the quality of their thinking and decisions.  It is an easy (dare I say skip) read which delivers tangible improvements in thinking without much effort required by the reader.

How to Manage: The Definitive Guide to Effective Management 

While we may not totally agree with “The Definitive Guide to Effective Management” title we do think this is an easy to read primer that provides excellent examples of how to use a wide range of management tools.  It covers dealing with work related problems, tasks and managing people; acquiring and managing power and planning your career.  If you are new to management, or just want a refresher, this this book is a worthwhile investment.

PRINCE2 Made Simple

If you shudder when you hear the phrase PRINCE2, then this is the book for you.  Let’s start with the fact that at only 70 pages it is a quick read.   It is aimed at managers who need to know how PRINCE2 works, perhaps because that is how their customers want to manage their projects.   While it won’t teach you how to pass the exams, it will provide enough working knowledge for you to be able to work within the PRINCE2 project management framework.  A “must read” for anyone selling to the Public Sector.