Recommended Resources for salespeople, management and business owners.


People: Selection, Recruitment, Training and Development 


People are at the heart of every organization. Most of the books in the Sales Management section include chapters about people but there are times that you need to dig a bit deeper into the subject.  Below are a few top picks that we recommend:

Human Resource Practice

If you are looking for good all round coverage this is the book to start with.  It is published by the Institute of Personnel and Development and provides a practical approach to managing people.  It is regularly updated to ensure that it keeps up with the latest legislation.   What we like about this book is that it is structured so that you can dip-in to chapters as and when you need information.  We also like that each key point is illustrated with a case study and reflective activities that are designed to get you thinking about what you have learned and how you can use it in the workplace.

Coaching (Learning Made Simple)

This book pretty much does what it says in the title – it makes learning to coach simple. In our experience management is often thrust upon ambitious people who have the talent and drive, but have not necessarily received any management training.  What we like about this book is the way that it sets out the coaching process from start-to-end and for each element and explains what it is, how it works and how best to use it.

Making Sense of Coaching

Although this coaching book is more academically based it still manages to talk to practicing managers.  As a step-on from Coaching Made Simple, it explains how coaching works and how, by understanding what is happening, a manager can improve their coaching skills. Management is all about learning skills and passing them on.  What we particularly like about this book is that it teaches the subject in enough depth so as to enable a practising coach to teach others to coach successfully.

Managing Effort, Getting Results: A Coaching System for Manager

This is a rather controversial book!  We have included it because it is certainly thought provoking.  The general theme is that as managers we all need to prioritise our time and energy and we should pick members within the team that deserve our attention.  Where traditionally poor performers get more support than high achievers, the authors argue that it is the mid-performers who deserve it.  We like this book because it is a debate starter.  Is it right to classify your people by both effort and results?  Do less talented but hard working people deserve more coaching?  What do you do for talented but lazy people?  What about talented and hardworking, what do they get?  We don’t suggest you follow the guidance in the book to the letter, but we do think it is worth reading and making up your own mind about how you spend your managerial time and effort.

The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of the Psychology of Training, Development, and Performance Improvement

Make no mistake about it, this is an academic textbook.  It features the latest Academic journal articles brought together into one volume.  Written by researchers, for researchers, it contains the latest findings along with management recommendations.  What we like about this book is that where others tend to be written from one standpoint, this book contains the contrasting and conflicting opinions of the leading academics in the field.

The Definitive Guide to Effective Management 

While we may not totally agree with “The Definitive Guide to Effective Management” title we do think this is an easy to read primer that provides excellent examples of how to use a wide range of management tools.  It covers dealing with work related problems, tasks and managing people; acquiring and managing power and planning your career.  If you are new to management, or just want a refresher, this this book is a worthwhile investment.