Recommended Resources for Sales people, Management and Business owners

There are literally thousands of books about selling and management. Most fall into the “look how I did it” and “don’t you want to be me” categories. While interesting, they are perhaps not that useful for training and development. There are a few real gems that provide practical tools and genuinely useful advice that can help salespeople and sales managers to improve their skills and win more business.

Every book recommended below is useful to a practicing salesperson or sales manager. These are the ones that we use to train, coach and solve business problems every day. We know how useful they are because we see the results. We hope you will find our recommendations helpful and welcome feedback and your recommendations. Please do email us with your comments and your own recommendations.


  • Sales and Selling
  • Sales Management
  • Selection, Recruitment, Training and Development
  • General Management

Sales and Selling

Even the best products in the world don’t sell themselves. Selling is a professional activity and salespeople need to be taught the tools and techniques to do the job professionally. In this section we recommend the books that we refer to most and that we feel are the most useful for salespeople to self-study.


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Sales Management

Successfully managing salespeople is a specialist job and requires a special set of skills, knowledge and attitudes. In this section we recommend a range of books that provide a complete sales managers toolbox. It is full of useful tips and techniques that will help any sales manager to up their game.


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Selection, Recruitment, Training and Development

People are at the heart of every sales organization. Most of the books in the Sales Management section include chapters about managing people. However, there are times that you need to dig a bit deeper into the subject. In this section we list a few of the specialist books that we use when looking at selection, recruitment, training or development issues.


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General Management

Practice makes perfect. Everyday business skills like problem solving and project management deserve to be honed from time to time. In this section we list a few books that we find help build a general all-round business experience.


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