Recommended Resources for Salespeople, Managers and Business Owners.

Sales Management

Successfully managing salespeople is a specialist job and requires a special set of skills, knowledge and attitudes. In this section we recommend a range of books that provide a complete sales managers toolbox. It is full of useful tips and techniques that will help any sales manager to up their game.

Selling and Sales Management

This book addresses both selling and sales management which makes it ideal for those who need a quick overview, rather than an in-depth study of the subject.  Part three: Sales technique provides a particularly useful, quick and easy to read introduction to the world of selling.  Main topics are sales responsibilities – what a salesperson should be doing, personal selling skills – how to go about doing it and Key Account Management – how to deal with larger, more important customers.  We suggest this is a “must-read” for anybody new to the discipline.

Sales Force Management:  Leadership, Innovation, Technology

If you are a Sales Manager and you want the ultimate reference book, this is it.  We like (and recommend) a range of sales management books, but if we had to recommend just one to buy, buy this one.  We particularly like the way that case studies are used to demonstrate how the advice provided can be used in the real world. This is definitely a text book – not one to read from cover-to-cover – but when you want to read up quickly on a topic the extended contents list also makes it easier to find exactly what you are looking for and when you get there, the content won’t disappoint.

Rethinking Sales Management: A Strategic Guide for Practitioners

Key account management (KAM) provides a way to build closer relationships with customers, work in a more profitable partnership format and co-create value.  What we like about this book is that it provides powerful yet simple tools to help sales managers to identify which customers are worth the additional time and resources needed for KAM and which are not. As every sales manager knows, not all customers are good customers, having a set of tools to identify good from bad and suggested strategies for dealing with both sorts, makes this book an invaluable addition to our bookshelf.

Sales Management: Strategy, Process and Practice

Having a strategy is one thing, being able to implement is another.  This book brings together the very latest thinking about how businesses can arrange their selling efforts and offers practical advice that enables strategy to be lived in practice.  What we particularly like about this book is part 3, sales practice, which contains advice about recruitment, selection, training, targets and performance management.   When we find ourselves looking for ways to help clients to reorganise their sales team, this is the book we turn to first. 

Sales Management:  Concepts and Cases

Practice makes perfect.  What we like about this book is that it offers both knowledge and tests what has been learned through team exercises. Although written primarily as a textbook for university undergraduates, the content and exercises also work well for aspiring or newly appointed sales managers.

Sales Management:  A Multinational Perspective

Learning from the mistakes of others …. this book provides cases studies from across the globe yet still manages to provide answers to problems that most sales managers face on a daily basis.  What we particularly like about this book are the chapters on Sales Ethics and Salespeople’s responses.  Acknowledging that salespeople are human and have needs, desires and responses to customers and the people within their organization, delivers a greater understanding of how to manage sales teams.