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  Sales technology support and advice

Our technology experts leverage over thirty years of experience creating sales technology solutions to thoroughly assess our customer’s needs. Providing clear, concise advice and support with migration and implementation our experts provide the best solution for our customers needs today and for where their business is heading in the future.

Technology evolves fast. As businesses grow it doesn’t take long for once cutting edge technology to become outdated causing restriction, frustration and inefficiencies.

Whilst there is no doubt that using the right sales technology increases efficiency, revenue and profits, the problem is, what exactly is the right technology, how is it going to deliver and where can it be bought?

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Scouring the market for solutions, weighing-up alternative technologies, attempting to understand what is right for the business now and in the future can be both time consuming and daunting.

Our Sales technology specialist have been providing sales technology solutions for businesses since the mid-1980s. Things have changed a great deal since then. Hosted is the word of the moment, but is it the best solution? The answer is “it depends”. We can help you work out if on premise, or hosted, or hybrid is the answer for you and how it will impact your customers, people and bottom line.  

Positive sales can advise on and help implement various sales technology solutions:

  • Call Centre – design, build and implement
  • Telemarketing & outbound dialling systems
  • Bespoke software product development 
  • Email and SMS marketing platforms
  • CRM and workflow
  • Lead Nurturing and Web Forensics packages
  • Multi-channel call and contact centre software
  • Web Meetings and Video Conferencing

Sales Technology support and advice you can rely on.

We are happy to help you fine tune what you have, or help you to design and implement a new system. Whichever you chose, you can be assured that using our services will help you increase your sales and save you money.

Getting the right advice, from an expert that has taken the time to understand your business, budget and future needs is invaluable. You can be assured that using our services will help you increase your sales and save you time, worry and money.

We have extensive experience managing the design and development of sales and operational productivity. Our model is to work with our clients to determine needs, then identify the most suitable development partner. Once the partner is selected, we manage the project through the full software lifecycle. 
We have worked with a number of development partners to produce apps and systems for clients. Here are three that we have worked with previously and have been delighted with the results.

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The App Insitute have a great app builder tool that enables anyone to configure and publish their own app in as little as 90 minutes. With their app builder you can select the functionality you want, customise the look and feel to match your brand and then publish. There are no upfront costs (unless you want them to customise your app for you), you simply pay a small monthly fee. We recommend the App Institute for customers who want to experiment with apps and for those who do not have specialist needs.


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Chelsea App factory is a full service app building agency. They have a large team of app designers and developers. Chelsea App Factory can take your idea and create the User Experience, User Interface, develop the software, launch it and then monitor adoption and usage through sophisticated analytics. We recommend Chelsea App Factory if you are looking for a custom app built to your own specifications.

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ValueLabs is a large outsource development company. With over 8000 developers to call on, there is not much VL cannot do. ValueLabs development team is based in India but there is also a UK based team taking care of their significant operations over here. This is great, as you can meet your team manager face-to-face and project management takes place in normal working hours. We recommend ValueLabs when the project is going to need more than ten people and last for three or more months.

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“Positive Sales’ entrepreneurial flare, customer focus, product development and attention to detail led to many successes where others failed. The company founder, Phillip has worked with me as a provider of solutions for over 6 years and I would not hesitate in recommending both his products and his professionalism.”

Kevin Burns, Operational Director, Inter-Tel.

We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions that you might have about sales technology solutions.

By finding out more about your business and budget we can advise which solution would support and drive the performance and profitability you seek now and in the future.  

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