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 Developing Salespeople to deliver results

Positive Sales’ sales training is flexible to suit your business and team needs

  • E-learning – always available, everywhere on your PC, phone and tablet.
  • Workshops – e-learning can be combined with day release, evening or weekend workshops.
  • Flexible – completion of units and attendance of workshops is structured to meet your business team needs.
  • Training venues – training can be delivered at our venues near you in intensive 2 or 3 day events. 
  • In-house – training can be delivered in-house at your premises. 

Externally accredited courses leading to nationally recognised qualifications

Positive Sales delivers the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (ISMM) courses and qualifications, at a time, place and in a way that suits you.

Positive Sales provides training and  for:

  • ISMM, QCF levels 2
  • ISMM, QCF levels 3
  • ISMM, QCF levels 4

By visiting Positive Sales’ moodle learning platform you can find out more about each QFC level course, such as:

  • entry requirements
  • how long it should take
  • what you will learn
  • available support

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The ISMM is the UK’s leading Sales industry institution. As a professional institution the ISMM’s contribution to the professionalisation of the sales industry dates all the way back to 1911.

ISMM Sales Qualifications are specifically designed to improve the performance of all sales professionals.



ISMM training and qualifications provide a pathway for salespeople from newcomer all the way through to Postgraduate Degree at the University of Portsmouth.


Sales Educators and tutors all personally experienced in sales

All of our Sales Educators have well-established backgrounds and proven success in commercial sales, providing knowledge and insights garnered from decades of hands-on sales experience. 

  • A good number of specialist sales educators are associates of leading Universities contributing to the academic scholarship of Sales and Sales Management practice. Their contribution to the team provides Positive Sales with a powerful combination of both extensive hands-on sales experience with broad insights from cutting edge academic findings in the field of sales.


Phil teaching

Qualifications your team will value


ISMM qualifications are nationally recognised by Ofqual, the UK government’s regulator for qualifications.

In addition they are available on the Qualifications and Credit Framework meaning that they are internationally recognised in the same way that GCSEs, A- Levels and university degrees are.



Positive Sales’ training is designed to directly benefit and empower your team. By imbuing sales industry best practice, providing structure, tools and techniques, your sales team will be efficient, motivated, confident and equipped to deliver the results you want.

Sales people work harder and stay longer with businesses that provide professional career development through qualifications. Lower staff turnover and increased engagement are just some of the many additional benefits of investing in qualifications for your team.


By empowering your sales team our training benefits your business. Positive Sales training enables your salespeople to deliver the results that your business wants.


Sales training that will make customers happy!

Our training has a positive impact on customers too.  Our externally accredited sales training is focused on ensuring that salespeople sell better by following industry best practice for ethically selling.  

In competitive times, customer retention and advocacy is key for success. Customers that are well informed, advised correctly and well looked after before, during and after the sales process are happy customers.  

“Phill is an exceptional mentor, working alongside teams to motivate and deliver great results for the company. He is able to quickly process complex business issues and provide focused strategies to solve them. Highly recommended.” –

Fiona Brewer, CAHPR

We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions that you might have.

By finding out more about your sales team’s experience and background we can recommend which QCF level would be applicable and discuss a course structure and format that would best suit your business.

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